Sept. 2013
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs at Exercise Hawaii

QUESTION: What's the best lower ab exercise and how do I get rid of my pooch?

ANSWER: Most people and far too many trainers still divide the abs into upper and lower sections. The lower abdominals as a specific muscle do not exist! It's a sales pitch! Your rectus abdominis is one muscle that starts below the chest with the six pack and ends below the belly button at the pelvis. Sorry, it's all one long muscle! (Try to flex just the bottom of your bicep!)

I am not saying those so-called "lower ab" exercises are worthless. Every muscle group needs variety! I love absolutely love reverse crunching ab exercises (pelvis towards the torso). They are very different and you will really feel it! Just don't expect any exercise (especially ab exercises) to burn off the fat in that spot! Your pooch is fat. It's a bodyfat thing.

QUESTION: So, how do I lose this right here?

ANSWER: Regardless of where your "right here" is, you don't have any control over where you lose fat. It's the first thing we learned in school. You cannot spot reduce fat. Despite your first disappointments in this anwer, I totally believe it is a blessing, not a curse! What I mean is, you don't have to do face exercises when your face gets fat. It's the same for every other body part. Everyone understands the obvious truth with the face analogy but hopes for a different truth to apply to lower ab pooches, love handles, under arm wobble, and of course those sweet okoles!

Bodyfat burns from where it wants to. The blessing is that you can walk, swim, kayak, surf, play frisbee in the park... whatever activities you enjoy can burn the fat. Where it comes off is basically a bodyfat seniority concept: last hired, first fired. The spot you gained a month ago is the first place it comes off. The very first place you ever noticed wayyyyy back 5-10 years ago is the last place it will come off. So it's a genetic, male/female, choose your parents wisely kinda thing.

Be of good cheer. Get excited and motivated as you progressively chip off each spot. For me personally, I know that my watch gets looser, face cheeks go before butt cheeks, and the veins in my arms have to pop out before my abdominal dunlop goes away. Each step motivates me, knowing I am one notch closer. Sure, I could care less about my wrists or face! I want my waist to go first! Sorry! How do I lose this right here is most likely your very own senior bodyfat vice president. So the pee-ons and grunts go first. Keep on it! It's a bodyfat thing.