Sept. 2013
Exercise Hawaii

Injuries & Prevention
by Rick Wood BS, CSCS

Reduce your risk of injury with with strength and stability training. It's all about muscle, and yet, so much more than muscles! Proper training will build stronger connective tissue and increase your joint stability. It takes stress to build stronger tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones too! If injury prevention and rehabilitation is important to you, it is paramount to start in a controlled environment with proper form and loads.

Don't perform life with improper form!


Life is an athletic event, whether you are an athlete or not. Expect the unexpected. Incorporate some coordination exercises into your routine. Plan ahead for tripping in a pothole! Be strong enough to stumble with your body weight! Don't let your heaviest and most challenging events happen outside the gym! Don't tweak your shoulder or lower back on vacation! Be strong enough to shop at Costco and lift your own suitcases. Don't be intimidated by a 15 pound dumbbell when your kids or grand kids are weighing in at 35 pounds! Plan ahead for life's challenges! Identify the things you want to do (injury prevention) or what you want to do again (rehabilitation) and let's analyze what progression will get you there.