Sept. 2013
Just do This!
by Rick Wood BS, CSCS

Somehow we have this 8 glasses everyday rule. For sedentary couch potatoes in Idaho, that is probably too much. That could also be too much if you only weigh 90 lbs. However, it could be far too low if you weigh 200 lbs exercising in Hawaii! The amount you drink should be increased if you exercise with intensity and especially in our hot and humid weather. My favorite estimate for water intake came from Sports Medicine Guru, Aaron Mattes. He suggests half your body weight in ounces every day. That means you better keep sipping because you can’t be jugging 32 oz. before bed if you fall behind. Healthy eating, (fruits, veggies, lean meats) will count towards your hydration. Research now actually confirms the opposite of what I have, tea, sodas, count too. I don't recomend it, but it does!

When you are hungry, you already needed to eat. Hunger is not our only indicator. Thirst is the same thing! You are probably already dehydrated by the time you are thirsty! You might possibly have several other dehydration symptoms before thirst. Headaches, weakness, fatigue, muscle cramps… even dry and wrinkly skin! Water can help curb cravings during fat loss. It has also been found that dehydration & thirst are sometimes mistaken for hunger! Hydration needs can vary greatly from day to day. Don't go overboard and count ounces. Just be aware!

Stay hydrated! Eat healthy! Drink your water!