Sept. 2013
Insulin Resistance & Exercise
In this new low carb era live in, do you understand the hormone insulin and Insulin Resistance? You'd better! Insulin resistance now has a link to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and unhealthy abdominal fat. One of insulin's purposes is to control carbohydrate (sugar) metabolism. Insulin goes to the cell's insulin receptors and tells them to store blood sugar. Insulin resistance means that cells become less sensitive (resistant) to the insulin the body has made and subsequently, the body makes more and more. The gist of the low carb craze is to keep insulin levels down, stable and controlled.

Anyway, the latest research shows that the more cardio the better! A good finding too is that the higher intensities didn't make a difference, so you don't have to destroy yourself. The more minutes per week showed better sensitivity to the body's insulin. This means less insulin flowing through the body and less insulin spikes. Soooo, rack up those minutes every week. Of course, on the nutrition side, go low on the saturated fats and all those simple sugars. Keeping your insulin in check... Yet another reason besides looking good to do your cardio!