Sept. 2013
Have you heard of Trans Fats yet?!!!

Do know or recognize the word "hydrogenated"? We need to be looking at our food labels under ingredients (on those processed foods you shouldn't be eating in the first place) for hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Those are the Trans Fats and they are everywhere! They raise your unhealthy LDL which increases your risk of coronary heart disease. Are you another one of those in denial, immune to the problem? You know, one of those leading causes of death in the free world!!!

The FDA is finally cracking down on the food industry to include trans fats with saturated fats and dietary cholesterol but not until January 2006. Until then, remember the term HYDROGENATION!!! That's when the manufacturers add hydrogen to vegetable oil. This increases the shelf life of those supposedly "off limit" processed "white sugar / white flour" foods. It also greatly increases the life of the oil used for deep frying our fast foods. Not to worry, none of us eating any fast food french fries, fried chicken or nuggets, chips, donuts, cookies, cakes, candy bars... How about margarine, mayonnaise, shortening... even many of the healthy grain crackers! You have got to check the label!

Here are a couple tips for the month:

Besides the fact that you should not be eating these processed foods with these long lists of 100 ingredients... Let's pay attention to saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol in our diets!

Substitute! Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats are good fats! They do not raise the bad LDL! Go for the olive and canola oils, corn oil, sunflower oil and even soybean oil. Try cooking and preparing foods with these oils, stay away from solid oils and fats. As with every nutrition tip of the month, trust the farmer- not the chemist! Eat our foods as close to the original as possible! GOD ENRICHES BETTER!!!