Sept. 2013
Strength & Toning
by Rick Wood BS, CSCS

This exercise category is about challenging your muscles. With the appropriate stress, you will also be strengthening your bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. The exercises will perhaps look very similar, sometimes identical. My philosophy is that ballerinas need to do some football player workouts and football players need some of the ballerina workouts. With proper coaching, most will perform the same kinds of exercises with completely different applications and achieve different desired results.

Regardless of your goals and dreams for your body, besides your motivation or reasons for exercise, everyone training in this category will need to understand the following concepts: progressive resistance, periodization, muscle groups, warm ups, sets and reps, intensity, tempo, rest intervals, overtraining and recovery. This jargon and lingo of strength and toning exercises must be understood. The application of each and every keyword above is the difference between powerlifting, bodybuilding, strength training, and toning using the exact same exercise!
Strength and Toning is the most elaborate topic you will find in this website. Continue to explore the concepts that you do not fully understand. Begin with keywords found above so that we can be on the same page from the beginning. It's important develop that initial enthusiasm with knowledge. Let's make sure you have an educated repertoire of reasoning behind the sweat, time, and commitment. Not understanding any one of the above concepts could leave you wandering around the gym watching everyone else do it wrong, haphazardly performing exercises you shouldn't or fumbling through a dumbbell workout at home with no chance of correction. Learning your own personal potential and developing your own instincts is my mission. Whoever you are, whatever your goals, together, we can do this.
Women & Toning