by Rick Wood BS, CSCS

Sept. 2013
Bone Density & Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis, the "silent killer", is probably the most preventable of bone diseases. Taking preventative action is not complicated. Prevention without any symptoms and before diagnosis is the key! Don't wait too long to start! True, it's never too late to improve bone density. It does take a lot more time and effort once your bones are weak! The approach now must be gentle and progressive so as not to break anything in the treatment.

My bone density analogy is that of a retirement fund and the miracle of compounding interest. The sooner you start, the more you have when you're older. The repercussions of not planning ahead for retirement are obvious. Maybe you did start young... There can be the problem of embezzlement. "Silently" your calcium and mineral strength could be dwindling. Knowledge and application of the available exercise science and nutrition is key in the prevention this disease. Don't wait for the symptoms; most likely there won't be any! Just like taking care of the heart after the fact everything is clogged up, don't wait for your bones to break under your own weight. Now your laid up and in no condition to improve! Severe loss of bone density and broken bones can leave you disabled! Get you off your bum! Be aware of your nutrition! Know the risk factors! Prevention!
Advice Column: Bone Density