by Rick Wood BS, CSCS
Sept. 2013

Exercise and looking good… they go together! Exercise takes muscle and muscles are simply about movement! As we progressively bump up our movement intensities, we demand more of our muscles. Looking good is all about muscle! Every single aspect will come back to muscle. Just being skinny does not look good (skeletons are scary)!!! Muscle gives us men a better “V” taper and you women, a shapelier hourglass figure. Displaying a nice six pack of abs takes hard work! Being firm and shapely is from muscle. That is the easy sell. Now, the tough one…

Muscle is alive, right? If you want to look good then fat loss is probably your priority, not necessarily gaining muscle! Well, muscles burn that fat and… Muscles = Metabolism!!! Increasing your metabolism is the fastest way to look good PERMANENTLY! You cannot look good if you have a slow metabolism! Low metabolisms are about weakness! Cellulite! Dimples! You get squishy and frail. Looking good takes metabolism, muscle and strength!

“Come on Mr. Strength! I need to lose this fat to look good!” Let's say you forget about Coach Rick and you go get skinny without a good metabolism... Fine, but your muscles are gone! Your face caves in. Your pants may be roomier but you’re soft & flabby. Now anything you eat turns to fat! Losing muscle is really, really bad if you want to look good! I contend it’s a hierarchy! We can learn from the bodybuilder… Other things must be in place if you are to truly look good!

If looking good is about fat loss, remember the math. 3500 calories per pound of fat! Check out your treadmill or stationary bike! How much do you burn? 200… 300 calories? Because muscle tissue is alive, it is using energy. Even when you’re doing jack squat, muscle is active and alive and needs food. Muscle burns a lot of calories. True, we do need to burn more calories for fat loss but… Check out the links below first! Here are your success secrets for looking good!

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