by Rick Wood, BS, CSCS
Sept. 2013
Quality of Life
My certification and college degree are both elite athlete oriented. Words like ballistic, explosive, quick, powerful, they might scare you away! Don't let them. This is also for starting the lawn mower more ballistically! Lunging away from a moving car! Getting off the floor more quickly! My Hawaii clientele over the last few years have evolved to weekend warriors at best. That's OK! That's me too! My sports specific ballistic training is no longer about outplaying my opponent. (So I tell myself.) It's just as much about injury prevention and simply maintaining what explosiveness I still posses!

That being said, being a nonathletic person is not a contraindication for performance training. Individualized programs based on your job requirements, weekend softball, or simply rolling around on the ground with your grandkids, these are all worthy of "tweeking" your current program. A strength and conditioning professional can incrementally add sports and performance exercises to more functionally use the strength you've gained by pumping iron. Whether you want to slam dunk or simply add a little spring to your step, both are improving your performance! A reoccurring motto with my exercise prescriptions: "It's all relative!"

Living in Hawaii, I see on a daily basis those whose lives enjoyment and quality of life could be so much better! People wait their whole lives to walk on our beautiful beaches, but it's too awkward. People that have been doing their squats but didn't understand how to train for hiking Diamond Head. Some grandparents can't even make it a short distance to watch their grandkids play, let alone actually play with them! I once saved an average 150-160 pound woman from drowning in less than two feet of water. I ran over and simply helped her stand up! Not being self sufficient a few years from now is a great reason to be more ballistic and powerful. It's all relative! ALL OF US really need to take a close look at what we want to be able to do AND what we want to keep on doing. That's exactly how strength and performance exercises = Qualtiy of Life!