Sept. 2013
Sports & Performance
When it comes to sports and performance, the levels of exercise science coming from the personal training world will usually fall short. Strength and conditioning improvements can be reached more easily and haphazardly with basic exercise knowledge and some athletic intuition. Taking strength to the next step is scientific! Running faster, jumping higher, explosiveness that makes the ball go further... These are all examples NOT of "Practice makes Perfect" but of PERFECT practice makes perfect! If Shaq is practicing free throws and misses 75% of his shots, has his practice improved his shot? Sports and Performance training must be activity and sport specific, same speed & movement oriented, specifically achievement measurable, and most importantly, like Shaq's free throws, each session must be successful.


Plyometrics, Speed training, and Olympic style weight lifting are probably the best classifications of exercises needed to gain that edge over the competition. When using the quick and explosive techniques necessary for sports and performance improvements, weights, sets and reps go right out the window. Now it might be ten seconds rest between reps and three minutes rest between sets! You have got to know what you are doing! One must not only understand a tennis backstroke, baseball swing or a golf drive, but one must also have experienced the explosive application of speed and strength in the gym to improve that same swing with similar specific exercises!
Specificity Specifics
All of the above swings require explosive training but each sport would be very specific in designing a program. The golf swing could happen once every five minutes and then MAYBE you walk. Baseball is also one powerful swing and hopefully with a short sprint or spints to follow. A point in tennis could last 60 seconds with 20-30 swings, sprints, lunges, and jumps. The need for a powerful swing needs to be sustained 100's of swings over several sets. See the difference?

There are still so many old school coaches out there! Beyond health conditioning, when it comes to getting specific with what you aspire to do, don't confuse your workout with somebody else's! Little league baseballers need sprint speed from home to first and usually at best home to second base. How many endurance laps around the whole field will improve their game? Should a boxer run ten miles a day for endurance or work on various powerful three minute routines? Common sense will start your specific program design. The science of energy systems, biomechanics, and all the experience that goes with proper intensity, frequency, recovery, volume, and progressions are invaluable in the quest for sport (and life) specific improvements!

Not an athlete? What about quality of life?!!!