Diet & Exercises for that Bikini Body

The "Bikini Body"... What does that look like? What does a woman think of when she clicks on this link? I can imagine what a man might be looking for here... this is not that kind of "How to get a bikini body" kind of site! This is for the ladies.

Life in Hawaii brings more than your average "bikini body" requests to a personal trainer! I find it most important to immediately address the fears, myths, and misconceptions that women have about eating and exercise.

Women and Toning
First things first. Start by clicking on this page to the left, about WOMEN AND TONING if you haven't already. Bikini Bodies are toned, right? Let's get on the same page before we go any further. Toning is an entity all to itself! Please read this and then come back to Bikini Body.
How Long Does it Take?

With the correct mentality heading into this, we can get there so much sooner! Hopefully you are giving me a couple months and not a couple days to prepare this Bikini Body! Of course, in my profession, nobody ever does. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love deadlines. Trying to give yourself a deadline is my absolute favorite motivator! Click up above on MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE. I will try to get my wife to add some comentary and I hope she agrees and I don't sleep on the couch for this... She made more progress and had the best bikini body of her life in three months than in years of haphazardly trying. I don't mean she wasn't trying. It's just that her noticable improvements came 3-4 times faster once we set that date!
This page is a work in progress...
More to come...